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Karla de Lara is Mexico’s most
internationally renowned artist

The mother of hyperrealistic pop art


From the joy and magic of the circus to the light and color of the modern streets.
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“The imaginary of Karla De Lara has something naive, romantic and melancholic. Its objects are like small playful, thematic universes, conceived to imbue those who inhabit them in a particular mood”.

María Eugenia Sevilla

Hábitat Magazine

“One of Karla de Lara’s most evident qualities is her transparency. Those of us who see the artist and her paintings from afar are perfectly able to fathom her thought processes. We perceive them in the rhythmic movement of her fingers which, with the energy of a piano concerto, produce music in the interplay of colors which seamlessly interweave lines and featherings”.

Salvador Rueda Smithers

Director of the National Museum of History

“To see the work of Karla de Lara is a balm of freshness and creativity at a time when the country is going through many severe crises and needs to believe in himself”.

Alejandro Colunga


“Of each piece seems to emanate a spirit of its own ... welcome to a world where colors take us directly to that place where love is palpable and ethereal”.

Expressions Magazine

American Express

“Through a new pictorial genre known as hyperrealistic pop art,’ Karla de Lara took her work to the international stage. Uncertainty, innocence, and essence are the themes she has focused on here... Karla de Lara’s work thus constitutes what, in my opinion, one could define as the pathways of the soul”.

Salvatore Russo

Art curator / Rome

“Andy Warhol, a well-known proponent of the pop art movement, posed the question: ‘Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?’ This is precisely the effect that Karla de Lara achieves in her pieces, by colorfully and boldly redefining icons from popular culture”.

Luis Téllez Kuensler

President of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV)

“The work of Karla de Lara is an expression of genuine character, which becomes an energetic pulsation of technique and gesticulated color”.

Habitare Il Tempo


“The rise of Karla de Lara’s art career has been meteoric, having amazed diehards and newcomers alike. Through her art, she unequivocally demonstrates how hard work, dedication, talent and imagination are the foundations of success”.

Francisco Barreda

Art curator

Karla de Lara

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