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Karla de Lara has received awards from some of the world’s most respected critics. She is proud to have received these awards and believes that they have helped her open more doors and promote art and culture worldwide. They also attest to the great capabilities of Mexicans in a multitude of fields.

A clear example of this is the Leonardo da Vinci – The Universal Artist prize, awarded at the Palazzo Borghese in Florence, Italy by the esteemed curators Salvatore and Francesco Saverio Russo. Each year, the Russo brothers honor the most prominent creators in the field of visual arts.

At the time of winning the award, Karla de Lara recalled her years of study in Florence and her dreams of becoming what she is today.

The first Mexican to receive the ”Leonardo da Vinci” Award.
Karla de Lara showing off her Leonardo da Vinci prize.
Award ceremony for the “Tribute to Tiziano” Nations Prize.
To win the Biennial of Nations, Karla had to compete
in a field of more than 500 artists from 53 countries.

Another of her noteworthy awards is the one she received at the Biennial of the Nations in Venice, where she won first prize.It is important to note that Karla de Lara won this prize from a field of 500 artists from 53 countries, the first time that a Mexican artist was chosen for this honor.

The Biennial of the Nations is a contemporary art event where artists from around the world converge to give the public the chance to admire and acquire paintings, sculptures, graphic works, video-art, photographs and ceramic pieces.

Similarly, Karla de Lara was given the International Tribute to Titian Prize, awarded at the Scuola Grande della Misericordia Palace in Italy. In Bologna, she received the Raffaello International Prize in recognition of her career in the visual arts. Also in Italy, she was awarded the “Giulio Cesare” International Prize and the Palermo International Art Prize. The Circle Foundation for the Arts (CFFA) awarded her an honorable mention for placing within the top 10 from among more than 1,000 artists from around the world.

She also exhibited Sogni inside the cloister of San Domenico. This exhibition consisted of a dozen portraits done in her trademark “hyperpop” style.

Karla de Lara accepting her first place prize at the Venice Biennial of the Nations.
2018 Palermo Art Prize.
She was awarded the Palermo Art Prize and named the guest of honor at the Mussomeli Film Festival. During her stay, the artist donated a mural to the Mussomeli Museum of Anthropology, for which she received a thank-you plaque and a home in the town’s historic center, as a sign of strengthened cultural ties between Italy and Mexico.

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