Through a great representational capacity, the Mexican artist Karla de Lara brings her famous "Artist Studies" to the stage. The painting of the Impressionists, Leonardo da Vinci, through the Mona Lisa, the Vitruvian man or the Lady with an Ermine, Modigliani, or more simply Picasso's Guernica, comes to life again. De Lara brings the observer to this immersive environment. The geometry of the shape, the well-built spaces, and the almost dreamlike settings, make the observer make a journey that he will hardly forget. With great realism, she traces the contours of the new modern figuration. A type of figuration that tends not to hyperrealism, but to the role and meaning that works of art should convey. Hers is a type of painting that I want to call "ambient figuration". That is a type of figuration that carries a message with it. The same message must be passed on to our children. And I think the best medium is an artwork. A work of art that takes on the same importance as the ten commandments in de Lara's painting. A work of art that must be preserved and handed down over the centuries. For this reason, the Mexican painter is always invited to the great events of contemporary art. A painter who is treading the most important stages of world art and is doing it as a true protagonist.

Karla de Lara

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