Monumental Expression

Karla de Lara's artistic approaches have been marked by large-format works. However, the monumental work carried out to commemorate the XXX anniversary of Expo Guadalajara, exceeds what is imaginable.

With a dimension of more than 400 m2, the artist welcomes the city, showing its main attractions and highlighting the mission of Expo Guadalajara. It was made with a technique that uses inks, wax and a high gloss finish, developed by the artist. In this way, she achieves an incomparable finish that is characteristic of her work. It includes images of the most emblematic public spaces of the city.

Expo Guadalajara is the most important fairground in Latin America. It is the largest mural in Latin America with more than 400 m2. Its preparation took almost 10 months of work.

The mural pays homage to works of art by renowned Jalisco artists, including the dome of the Hospicio Cabañas painted by José Clemente Orozco, as well as sculptures by Alejandro Colunga, Sergio Bustamante and Rodo Padilla.

“The biggest challenge of my career has been this mural because of its size, its complexity and especially because of the huge responsibility that comes with the honor of having been commissioned to paint it.”

Karla de Lara

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