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Karla has the highest international profile of any Mexican artist. Apart from her expert use of materials and techniques, she is also known for the discipline, passion and commitment she brings to her artistic endeavors.

The combination of these qualities has made her a leading figure in Mexico’s art scene. Some of the most prominent Mexican venues in which she has exhibited include the Francisco Goitia Museum in Zacatecas, the Mexican Stock Exchange, the Mexican national Senate’s gallery as well as the Castillo de Chapultepec museum.

She has also won important awards in Mexico such as the José Luis Cuevas Gaviota prize for excellence in the visual arts, and she was recently presented with an honorary doctorate.

The Gaviota José Luis Cuevas prize is awarded to leading figures in the world of art in honor of one of the pillars of modern Mexican art.
Karla de Lara receiving the Gaviota “José Luis Cuevas” prize for excellence in the fine arts.
José Luis Cuevas Museum.

Karla de Lara

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