Roma, Italia. Velli Palace, (S. Egidio Square 10, Roma)
5 al 8 de Julio 2018

I Segnalati’ (Rome, 5-8 July Velli Palace) Artist Karla de Lara, will show her Art work in this amazing exhibition, be aware. The beautiful city of Rome, will host the art exhibition ‘I Segnalati’ edited by Salvatore Russo. The new edition of the art volume, after having been introduced in the past years in Paris, Bruxelles, New York, Edimburgo, Naples and Berlin, this year will be introduced in the important Italian capital. The art exhibition, will take place from 05 to 08 July, in the stunning exhibition hall of the ‘Velli Palace’ of Rome. Best artists from all over the world will participated. /.

Karla de Lara

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