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Karla de Lara, through plastic arts, expresses her reality, her emotions, encounters and daily experiences.

It has more than 400 individual exhibitions in 40 countries around the world. Is a mexican artist willing to continuously discover unexplored artistic worlds where there are no style borders or technical limitations; she is an artist, free of ties. His personality causes a constant break with conventions. Adapt and readapt techniques to express ideals and realities of their daily life.

Karla de Lara is currently recognized as the mother of hyper-realistic pop art. His theme in this area is a kind of exacerbation of hyperpop exalting emotions through his portraits, which are distorted to approach realism without limiting themselves to it. The study of light, atmosphere, plasticity, abstract forms and the understanding of architecture that her stay in Italy inherited, add to the skills that Karla de Lara imposes on her works.

Her canvases of cities are reflections of magical worlds in dimensions that coexist in her mind, of personal experiences reinterpreted by the artist, which hold emotions, where her strokes, her voice, and her inspiration are expressions of her own life.

Her attention to and understanding of light, atmosphere, plasticity, abstract forms and architecture – the latter enriched during her period in Italy – are among the abilities that Karla de Lara brings to her art. Her paintings of cities are like magical colorings and reinterpretations of her own personal experiences.

Her canvasses become her repository of emotions; her brushstrokes, her voice; her inspirations, her expressions of life.

“The imaginary of Karla De Lara has something naive, romantic and melancholic. Its objects are like small playful, thematic universes, conceived to imbue those who inhabit them in a particular mood”.

María Eugenia Sevilla

Hábitat Magazine

“To see the work of Karla de Lara is a balm of freshness and creativity at a time when the country is going through many severe crises and needs to believe in himself”.

Alejandro Colunga


“Of each piece seems to emanate a spirit of its own ... welcome to a world where colors take us directly to that place where love is palpable and ethereal”.

Expressions Magazine

American Express

“Her work is an expression of genuine character which reveals itself as a powerful wave of technique, color and vivid movement”.

Neiman Marcus J'aime M. Sanz

Bal Harbor

“The plastic artist Karla de Lara, young mexican promise, raises now with his magnificent brushstrokes in works that exalt the inner being of his characters with their own style, where the image recalls a deep catharsis in each of them ...expressionist above all.”

Raquel Bessudo

PR and Opinion Leader

“The work of Karla de Lara is an expression of genuine character, which becomes an energetic pulsation of technique and gesticulated color”.

Habitare Il Tempo


“In Karla's work, mainly in some portraits, it seems that there was a particular interest in the gaze of the protagonists. The plastic quality with which this feature is expressed is of remarkable sensitivity”.

Rodrigo Luna

Mexican Stock Exchange

“The artistic work of the master Karla de Lara exalts the dimensions of space and is reflected in her magnificent bronzes. The mother of hyperrealistic pop art, highlights the delicacy of optical art and its experimentation, which elegantly dialogues with the origin of realism"

Philippe Daverio

Curator and art historian, Italy

Karla de Lara

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